Decorative box

25 Dec

This was a present I made for my girlfriend. I built the box from scratch, and stained the wood. I lined the inside of it with red felt.

I really like cathedrals and so I wanted to create an archway effect. To do this I found a picture of an arch, scaled it, and then cut out each little mini arch within the arch on the picture, then did the same thing with the wood, starting with a wide arch, and getting smaller the higher I went up. This gave the box a 3D element.

To finish off the arch look I added columns at the base of every set of arches.

To cover up the seams inside the box, I added some brass around the top interior.


Lastly I topped the box of with a decorate pewter pin, in the shape of a heart with an arrow in it, that I acquired from Lionheart Replicas.

And ta da! Finished box


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