Loose Cannon flash drive

20 Jun

After my last little flash drive project, a friend asked me to make something to hold all his Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster material. After some brainstorming we came up with the idea to make a cannon to hold “The Loose Cannon” and other holy works.

So I went to Michaels and found this candle stick:

I thought “Ah ha! This has an awesome candle shape, so I bought it and took it home to cut.

Next I cut the thing in half to fit the flash drive into. I then drilled out the space for the drive to go.

During this process I drilled the bore of the barrel. The cool thing is that this flash drive glows and flashes orange when it’s plugged in, so this way when you plug the flashdrive in it will look like it’s firing. I also added trunnions. I plan to attach a string to the trunnions so you can carry it around easily.

I then spray painted the cannon black. I thought I would soon be done, but there is a small problem.

Yep, the back piece doesn’t fit flush with the rest of the cannon. :-\ So I went back to the store and picked up some small wooden discs that were roughly the diameter of the cannon. I painted them over and cut slots in them for the flashdrive to fit. I then bored out the rest of the cannon, making it hollow. This let the flash drive fit in easier. I glued it up, painted it over, and wrote “QWERTY’S Loose Cannon” on it (as the guy who I was making it for wanted.) I lastly added a bit of copper around the slot for the flashdrive on the cap, this gave it a more snug fit, and then added some hemp rope around the trunnions.

3 Responses to “Loose Cannon flash drive”

  1. Ham Nox at 8:02 pm #

    I was just searching the internets to find out if anyone was talking about the Loose Canon yet, and I come across this… At first I just thought, a Cannon to hold the Loose Canon? That’s pretty aweso–wait a second, does that part right there say “qwerty”? Nah, it couldn’t be *reads post* HOLY FSM IT IS!!!


  2. The Shattered Lance at 4:56 am #

    Haha, yeah, made it for a friend of mine. Would you like one?

  3. Puddingpie at 10:40 pm #

    It’s soooo cute! *squee*

    I wouldn’t’ve thought to make a cannon out of a candlestick. It’s interesting seeing your original source materials, and then what you turn them into.

    Do you have pictures of the flash drive glowing orange? That would be pretty cool to see.

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