Snake Heart Bracelet

31 Jul

A friend of mine’s nickname is “Snake Heart” (don’t ask). In an attempt to keep busy I asked her if she would like me to make her something (other than what she had also already commissioned me to do), she asked for a bracelet. I then got thinking “what would be perfect for her? Hmm…maybe I can do something with snakes…perhaps make a snake heart bracelet…” Then the idea hit me, so I got started.

I saw a picture like this and wondered if I could somehow transfer the concept into the bracelet:

Well I went down to the craft store and found some snake earrings. Two of the snakes were curled up into a hoop, the other two were straight but in a slithering pose. I broke off the hoops to get just the very top parts of the snakes. I then attached them to some wire and wrapped that wire around an even thicker wire. I was trying to stick with the who coil theme, since snakes do that stuff.

I then took these wires and wrapped them around each other further, like snakes would wrap around each other.

I next tied off the ends of the wire with a bit of copper sheet.

Glued on the copper, and then rolled it over the wires, but since it was sharp at the end I got two wooden beads to put over it. Since wood didn’t really go with the whole brass, copper, thing I had going on, I soaked them in a copper solution (along with the snakes).

Lastly I glued on the remaining two snakes and wire attached a green gem at the base.

Lastly I wrote her a little poem and stamped it with my signet stamp, it goes:

Dear Snake Heart

Here is a bracelet of sinister art

Wear it wherever you go

So all that see it shall know

That the girl with the wrist

Wrapped in serpents that hiss

Is the one with a snake for a heart


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