Copper rose

8 May

So for mother’s day I wanted to make something special. I love working with copper and I thought it might be cool to make a copper rose. I went out to the hobby store, got some sheet copper and then found a pattern for a paper rose online. I printed out the patter and resized it for my needs. (There was only one petal in it and I needed several of progressively smaller sizes) I then taped the paper cutouts onto the copper and recut around them. When that was taken care of I got a piece of coat hanger wire, cut it to the right length, and then punched small holes in all the copper pieces. I then slid the copper petals, from smallest to largest, up the wire, fastening each petal with super glue. (Oh, and I also bent the very tip of the coat wire slightly so the petals couldn’t slide off. I folded the copper up like a cup to give it the shape of the rose. Lastly I took a pair of pliers and carefully curled the edges of the petal to give it a more organic look. (click to enlarge)

One Response to “Copper rose”

  1. Gary Springer at 7:27 pm #

    Very cool, Dustin!

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