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Paintings galore!

13 Apr

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a hell of a long time since I posted anything new, but I am still crafting. Moving homes really puts a dent in everything! For the past few months I got onto a poster/painting kick. Here’s some of what I’ve made! (click to make em larger)


Painting isn’t my normal medium because my hands are not that steady, but I really like how these turned out. As usually, they’re all for sale either here or on my etsy website. 🙂

Runic Flash Drive

18 Jun

So a little while back Trollsmyth commissioned me to make him a flash drive cover. He said he wanted something with a troll on it, along with the phrase “Grimnir’s lip-streams” written in runes along the side. I decided to throw in “Trollsmyth” in runes on it as well. After researching around online I decided that it would be cool to make the flash drive into the shape of Thor’s hammer.

So, I went out to the store, got a flash drive, and took it apart with a razor.

I then went about creating a troll design. I found some and altered them to suit my needs. I wanted something non complex, with thick black lines. It had to be small, the entire surface area was 1 inch wide by 2 inches long, at least for the main body of the drive cover.

I worked out the runes (as seen above) and made sure they would fit inside the small on centimeter space running alongside the drive. I later would realize that I needed to flip these runs into a mirror image because of the way I was transposing them onto metal. (It’s amazing all the little things you have to think of or else risk ruining an entire project.)

I decided to try and transfer the image onto the metal via chemical etching. Basically I would take the image printed out on photo paper, heat up a piece of brass, place the image on the brass, and then iron on the ink. The image would then transfer onto the brass from the paper.  Finally I would soak the plate of brass in a solution of hydrochloric acid, found in pool cleaners, and the brass would begin to burn. The parts of the brass covered by the image would take longer to burn, thus there would be a color contrast, transferring the image to the metal.

Despite the dog’s help, the print did not transfer. A few spots did here and there, but I just ended up burning the paper and almost ruining the iron. I also tried soaking the plate in the solution, but it didn’t do anything.

With that plan foiled, I went to the craft store and got some thin copper for embossing. I also found a little wooden keychain thing and cut it to put the flash drive in.

Next I measured some paper and wrote out the runs. I pressed the metal, tracing out the letters and designs.

One of the cool little things about this flash drive is that there is an orange light on it. I cut out the eyes on one of the plates and covered it with a small piece of translucent paper. This way when you plug it in, the troll’s eyes will glow.

After I was done with the body I had to build the cap. This was really difficult. I found a little female USB slot and attached it to a bit of wood. The original piece of wood I was going to use ended up not working out, so I had to make everything out of scratch.

When I finally got the shape I wanted I glued the copper on to it.

With the flash drive body finally assembled, Trollsmyth wanted me to cover the thing in a green platina. This would give it the oxidized green copper look.

Once it dried I took a bit of fine sand-paper to it. This scratched off the green platina on the portions of the copper that were raised, like the troll’s face and the runes, leaving the green on the shallower parts.


Xbot 360

12 Feb

So the past week my friend’s xbox360 red ringed (died). He tried to take it apart and revive it, but it was no use, it had died beyond repair. Instead of just throwing it out, I thought I could resurrect it in the form of a killer attack robot, the Xbot 360!

It’s all made out of parts from the xbox, and I put some red and blue lights in it to give it an RvB twist; plus this way it’s still red ringed.

Kingdom Key Keyblade

25 Dec

So my best friend is really into Kingdom of Hearts, so for Christmas I decided to build him a kingdom key. I got an aluminum pole and a plate of aluminum, and began to cut out the keyblade shape.

Then comes the hardest part. Trying to cut a single line down a pole without cutting through the entire pole. I spent 2 hours trying to figure this one out. At first I tried to hold down the pole with some wood, and simultaneously raise my reciprocating saw on the wood to just the right height, but the blade would hit the top of the pole on its way back down, often breaking the blade.

After a while of this I gave up and hammered pilot holes down the line tightly spaced, and then followed up by drilling each individual hole. I then had to smooth out the line. It broke a drill bit, but it worked.

I then fitted the blade and filled the pipe at this end with caulk, to help secure the blade and fill up any gaps. I’m then going to paint the caulk so it looks like the metal around it.

So now comes the hard part. I have to connect the shaft of the keyblade to the handle. To do this I went to Lowes and bought some 5/8 threaded bar. (The barrel is 1 inch outer diameter with 7/8 inner diameter. The bolts on the threaded rod come out to just under 7/8.

The handle is the most difficult part of this project. Unfortunately the only way I can make it is out of wood. I thought about then plating the wood in brass, but that would substantially increase the price of this product, and the work, and I doubt the results would be worth it.  (I’d have to glue the metal to the wood, and it might come off)

I then had to scale the handle to my drawing that I’m working off of.

I’ve sprayed the wood handles and dowels with shiny metallic gold paint.

After that I drilled half inch holes into the dowels that the handles would we nailed to. To make the bracers to attach the handle to the dowels, which would then have the bar running through them to the rest of the key blade, I had to bend picture hangers and then cut them.

I originally started fastening the dowels and handles together using small screws, but these stuck out to much for my liking, so I had to then take small nails, but them, hammer the head, and then bend them to make my own custom nails.

Finally I could start putting the handle together. This alone took me several hours. Once I got everything set up and put together, I put some caulk and wood glue where the handles met the dowels to fill the gap and stabilize it.

While the glue set on the handle, I then went about cutting the Mickey Mouse head out of 18gauge steel, and punched a hole though it for the chain to attach to the pommel of the keyblade.

When the glue had dried, I attached the Mickey Mouse head to the chain and then the chain to the pommel. I then took some cotton batting and wrapped the threaded steel bar to create the handle. I finished up by wrapping the cotton in electrical tape to give it a smooth black look.

With that and a little bit of extra paint, the Kingdom Key Keyblade is FINISHED!

Total material costs at finished: $50-60

Approximate hours worked from start to finish: 30-35 (not including time spent waiting for paint/glue to dry and several trips to Lowes Hardware)

Dice board

25 Dec

I got bored one day and decided to make my gaming girlfriend a dice board. I threw this little thing together in 15 minutes. I just had to stain the wood and cut the felt. It now rolls the dice more quietly, and keeps them from flying away.


25 Dec

So my girlfriend is really into batman, so for fun I decided to make her a batarang out of 16 gauge steel.