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Paintings galore!

13 Apr

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a hell of a long time since I posted anything new, but I am still crafting. Moving homes really puts a dent in everything! For the past few months I got onto a poster/painting kick. Here’s some of what I’ve made! (click to make em larger)


Painting isn’t my normal medium because my hands are not that steady, but I really like how these turned out. As usually, they’re all for sale either here or on my etsy website. 🙂

Aperture Apron

25 Dec

After playing one of the greatest games of all time, Portal, I decided that I really wanted some cake. But to make a cake, you need an apron, so why not make an Aperture Science apron with which to bake myself a cake? So that’s what I did. I printed out their logo, cut it out, and then stenciled in permanent marker on a white apron.