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Gear Mace

10 Jan

So I thought it might be cool to make a mace out of a gear. Sorta steampunk/medieval ish. I’m not sure I’m happy with how this one turned out. I think it needs a little more decoration.

So first I had to find some gears. You might not know it, but gears are a real pain in the ass to find. You would think they’d be everywhere, but most are buried deep inside engines. So, with that in mind I drove all around SC trying to find a junk yard. After 3 hours and 2 failed attempts I found one, but I didn’t have any tools to pull my own parts. So, I drove back home (30 mins away) and went out another day.

After a day of searching I found several gears including this one:

I then attached it to a thick staff that I had painted black. At the very top I spray painted 2 washers gold and got a little mirror flower ornament at Lowes. I put that on there to give it a nice touch.

I then slid on another gear to act as a hand guard, and then screwed on a heavy pommel gear to help and try to balance the thing.