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Gear Mace

10 Jan

So I thought it might be cool to make a mace out of a gear. Sorta steampunk/medieval ish. I’m not sure I’m happy with how this one turned out. I think it needs a little more decoration.

So first I had to find some gears. You might not know it, but gears are a real pain in the ass to find. You would think they’d be everywhere, but most are buried deep inside engines. So, with that in mind I drove all around SC trying to find a junk yard. After 3 hours and 2 failed attempts I found one, but I didn’t have any tools to pull my own parts. So, I drove back home (30 mins away) and went out another day.

After a day of searching I found several gears including this one:

I then attached it to a thick staff that I had painted black. At the very top I spray painted 2 washers gold and got a little mirror flower ornament at Lowes. I put that on there to give it a nice touch.

I then slid on another gear to act as a hand guard, and then screwed on a heavy pommel gear to help and try to balance the thing.

Simple haversack

25 Dec

This was a really simple haversack that I made in one afternoon. It only took 2 pieces of linen, one for the bag, another for the strap.

Medieval Chest

25 Dec

This was a chest I made for a medieval re-enactment group I was in years ago. It’s not overly accurate to any particular time frame, and as such could not be used in my current group.

It is constructed out of rough cut poplar wood, with some steel bracers on the corners. I used rustic looking masonry nails to hold the metal to the wood. I mis-judged the top by about 2 inches, so it’s a little short, but by pure good luck, my longsword sat nicely in it.