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Stone earrings and necklaces

16 Oct

The other day while consolidating some boxes I happened across an old rock collection I had as a child. Most of the stones were small and shiny, and instead of throwing them out I figured I could make jewelery out of them. Here are some pieces I put together.

A couple of the stones I had were this really nice glossy black:

I had two other stones, one that was arched like a bow, and another that was like half of an arrow head, so I decided to make a floating necklace out of it to complete the set with the black earrings.

Last but not least, a while back I was toying around with some small gears I found and made this steampunk style necklace:

Gay necklace

11 Apr

A house mate of mine is gay and he made the comment that he was looking on line for a little necklace with the two male symbols linked, but he couldn’t find one. I sat down with a coat hanger, some pliers, a wooden dowel with a small hole, and some wire cutters, and made this in 30 mins. Afterward I spray painted it a metallic gold and attached a small ring through which he can run a chain.