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Raven keychain

6 Sep

A friend of mine was looking to give her friend a raven keychain but was unable to find what she wanted online, so she asked me. She sent me a picture of a raven in flight and told me she wanted it lightweight and non-bendable. I printed out the picture, resized it to the proportions she wanted, and then cut the image of the bird out on paper.

I then got a piece of steel plate and traced the image of the bird onto it. I ended up having to do this several times because the plate was a dark color to being with, and my trace would keep wearing off.

I then went about carefully clipping off pieces of metal with my sheers. When I had it roughly done, I took a small metal saw and accented the feathers. To smooth the edges over and make the bird flow better, I took my rotary tool and ground down the edges.

When that was finished I painted over the bird with glossy black paint. I had to do this several times because I made the mistake of painting it on newspaper. The paint would spill under the metal and the newspaper so when I picked it up off the table, the newspaper would rip and stick to the backside of the bird. >.< I scrapped it off with a razor blade and found a metal dish to paint it in, that way nothing would stick to the bird. When that was finished I applied a clear coat of sealer on top of the paint. This would protect the paint and make the bird shine at the same time.