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Signet Stamp

31 Jul

Last night I got the idea to make myself a signet stamp. I know they sell them at hobby stores, but I figured they’re all generic letters or something and they’re mass produced; that kind of defeats the whole point of a “signet”. It’s supposed to be the same as your signature, personal, unique. With this in mind I wanted to create my own, unique signet stamp.

I first started out by creating a simple symbol. In my case, an old style looking “D” with a sword through it.

I then printed this out, placed it over the copper, and began to emboss it in.

It was only after about half an hour and when I finally finished a really good transfer did I realize I screwed up. In order to make a signet image come out right, you need to reverse it. The image has to be mirrored from how you want it to look on the wax. >.< So with that in mind, I printed out new sheets and started over.

With the image finally transfered on, I filled the back of it with glue. This gave the metal strength so it wouldn’t press back in on itself when I put it to the wax.