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Stone earrings and necklaces

16 Oct

The other day while consolidating some boxes I happened across an old rock collection I had as a child. Most of the stones were small and shiny, and instead of throwing them out I figured I could make jewelery out of them. Here are some pieces I put together.

A couple of the stones I had were this really nice glossy black:

I had two other stones, one that was arched like a bow, and another that was like half of an arrow head, so I decided to make a floating necklace out of it to complete the set with the black earrings.

Last but not least, a while back I was toying around with some small gears I found and made this steampunk style necklace:

Amethyst necklace

3 Jul

So the other day a friend of mine told me she had been looking for a necklace comprising of a stone wrapped in wire, but was unable to find exactly what she wanted. She told me she liked amethyst and green, and I went to work.

I made a couple of trips to the craft store, but couldn’t find the type of amethyst I was looking for. Most of it came in the form of big, clunky, pre-machined pendants; I was looking for something a little more natural feeling. So I went on amazon and for a few bucks found these tumbled amethyst stones:

Next at the craft store I picked up some green glass crystals, some copper wire (I thought the bright copper would contrast nicely to the purple and green), and a copper chain. I carefully detached one of the green crystals from it’s grouping, and with a bit of crazy glue, started to wrap the stone in copper wire.

After about 20 minutes of fiddling and trying to hold the copper in place with the aid of tape, I had a finished necklace.