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Wax color explosion

2 Sep

The other day my girlfriend found this interesting blog showing what someone did with melting wax crayons. That blog was in turn inspired by this seller on Etsy. We decided to give it our own spin. We thought a color wheel would look neat, but that we’d rotate the canvas as we went to create a starburst-like explosion. The center was left with a big void that we eventually decided to fill with a mirror. (Since the theme was visible light, what better than a mirror?) Instead of using a hair dryer, we used the tip of a hot glue gun. This allowed us greater precision in melting the wax and left the piece with an amazing texture that jumps off the canvas at you. Check it out!


Signet Stamp

31 Jul

Last night I got the idea to make myself a signet stamp. I know they sell them at hobby stores, but I figured they’re all generic letters or something and they’re mass produced; that kind of defeats the whole point of a “signet”. It’s supposed to be the same as your signature, personal, unique. With this in mind I wanted to create my own, unique signet stamp.

I first started out by creating a simple symbol. In my case, an old style looking “D” with a sword through it.

I then printed this out, placed it over the copper, and began to emboss it in.

It was only after about half an hour and when I finally finished a really good transfer did I realize I screwed up. In order to make a signet image come out right, you need to reverse it. The image has to be mirrored from how you want it to look on the wax. >.< So with that in mind, I printed out new sheets and started over.

With the image finally transfered on, I filled the back of it with glue. This gave the metal strength so it wouldn’t press back in on itself when I put it to the wax.

Wax horn

25 Dec

This is a very simple wax horn for a bow string that I made. I took a drinking horn, then cut it in half a little below where I wanted the wax to come out. I then put the wax in a plastic bag and ran it under warm water for a few minutes until it was malleable. I then shoved it into the horn and wrapped it in leather.