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Wine Ship

26 Dec

A while back I got the idea of making a ship from a wine bottle.  If you cut a wine bottle down length wise it looks a bit like the hull of a ship.  The biggest problem I ran into was trying to cut a wine bottle lengthwise.

I tried everything. I tried sawing it, that didn’t work. I tried scoring it with a glass cutter and then pouring boiling water over the score marks followed by ice water; that cracked it, but often in unpredictable ways. I think I went through about five bottles experimenting with this. I had decided a while ago that this is what I wanted to make my dad for xmas, and when Dec. 24 rolled around I was in a bit of a panic.

I realized that I didn’t need to crack the bottle clean in half. Trying to do that with the super thick neck and elaborate base of many bottles made cutting it lengthwise nearly impossible. Instead, I figured I only needed to remove a portion and could leave the neck as the bow of the ship, and the bottom as the aft cabin. I took a bottle, carefully smashed a section on the shoulder, and then proceeded to delicately snap off pieces with a pair of pliers. (click pics to enlarge)

I didn’t want anyone being able to see into the ship, so I decided to paint the inside with a tapestry wine color paint. After I did this I realized I had a problem. The bottle I was using held white wine and was see through. I needed to use a dark bottle that held red wine. The green glass tinted the paint and made it look like a bottle full of chocolate milk.

(You can somewhat see the purple there, but without the light shinning right on it, the whole thing looked an ugly brown….so I scraped it all out.

Then I repainted it in a black paint and it looked much better.

The next big problem were the sharp edges around the bottle where I broke the glass. I didn’t have the tools or the time to file everything down to a smooth edge, so I came up with the idea to incorporate the wooden deck onto the boat in such a way that it covered the edges. I first built the base foundation for the deck which extended ever so slightly above the top of the glass so as to provide a level plane for the deck to sit upon.

After staining the wood, I applied the deck, glued it down, and then carefully trimmed around the edges to give it a much cleaner look.

Lastly came the mast and rigging and presto!

Wine bottle collage

28 Nov

My father is a huge wine drinker and I’ve been collecting the bottles for various projects. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a wine bottle collage out of the various wine labels. I had to carefully peel of the labels with a razor blade, and then place them under the cut out of a wine bottle to create the collage.

I went out and got a frame for it. I’m thinking it might be cool if I get two smaller fames and make a wine glass image, a flowing wine image, and arrange them like this so it looks like the bottle is pouring the wine into a glass:

Exploding wine bottle

20 Nov

So I’ve been trying to cut a wine bottle in half down the length of the bottle and I’ve had several mishaps. One of the bottles shattered in multiple angles that I didn’t anticipate. Instead of throwing out the bottle, I rigged up a hanger wire, some fake grapes, and some copper leaves. The idea was to make it look like the bottle was exploding. I’m not sure if I like it, but it’s a prototype.

Spring loaded shield

29 Dec

For the longest time I thought the coolest accessory to a cane sword would be a spring loaded shield. The shield would be a small buckler that was collapsible and strapped to your arm. When folded it would just look like some weird rectangular box on your arm, but then when you hit a button, BAM the shield shoots out into position. I could never figure out how I would make this until I picked up a wine opener one day and had an epiphany.

As the wine opener screw went down, the gears flung the arms up. I figure if I attach a spring to this, I can have the wine opener pull the arms of shield open and into place.

To do this, I first had to get a wine opener and remove the rivets holding it together.

I then cut the screw off and ground the nub down. After that I drilled a hole for the spring to fit into.

I then spent forever trying to figure out how to build a housing for the gears, so it would sit on this flat plate of metal that I would then strap to my arms. Eventually I realized that I had the housing the entire time, I just sawed off the part of the wine opener that fit around the lip of the bottle.

Once I figured out how to securely hold the spring down at the other end, I then went about measuring the with and lengths of the blades. I decided to make the shield 10 inches roughly in diameter, so each shield blade was 5 inches.

After I finished the measurements and cut out a piece of cardboard in the correct dimensions, I then transferred the shape on to a plate of 16 gauge steel.

Once I traced out 8 pieces, I carefully cut them out with a reciprocating saw.

After I had those plates cut out I spent 10 minutes filing down the edges so they weren’t razor sharp. I then punched and drilled holes into each of them so they would rotate on an axis.

I then bent the edges of each plate, depending upon what order they would be in from bottom to top. This way as the top most plate flew out first, the  back of it would catch the lip of the next plate down, and pull that plate forward, only to do the same to the preceding plate.

I then attached the top most plate to the wine opener arms with a brass rivet.

I lined some copper on the leading edge of both topmost plates because I was originally planning on cutting out a falcon or eagle shape over the spring, this way the bird would look to be spreading it’s wings as the shield flung open. (Pretty cool huh? ~_^)

Well after seeing the thing put together, I realized just how rough the back edges of the plates look. I am now planing to cover them in brass or copper as well and might make it a bat instead of a falcon.

As I started to do that, I realized just how much of a bitch cutting out each little brass strip would be, so I only did two. After that I cut a little bat face out of copper. I drilled out the eyes so the brass would shine through. I then riveted the mouth to the body and cut little feet at the other end, with holes for the screws.

To see the shield spring into action (~_^) watch this 3 second clip of what happens when I pull the pin.

Ta da!

Now I just need to make the strap to attach it to my arm, and possibly a fingered gauntlet to go along with it.